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PodWorks for Mac is a Mac iPod transfer software tool to transfer iPod files from iPod to Mac, iPod to iTunes, and Mac
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10 December 2010

Editor's review

Music has increasingly become a utility that can be transferred through various mediums and devices in varied formats that have been developed since technological advancements. Out of the humongous range of music utilities, the iPod scores as one of the most popular and widely used mediums for music that has huge storage capacities for files in diverse formats and expertise to transfer music through computer medium. Different formats and types of files amassed in this compact device make it a topic of wonder and amazement along with facing competition from iTunes and other similar devices. PodWorks for Mac is an application that enables transfer of files from an iPod to a Mac system and iTunes and vice versa easily.

PodWorks for Mac opens with a pale looking interface with the chief options placed at the left and bottom pane. The application displays the details in a window along with iPod version and its storage capacity and maker name and helps in copying files directly to DVDs. The program supports Apple and iPad versions as well and is an immensely useful tool to add artwork to stored music and videos. The application is fast and simple to use and the unique drag and drop utility facilitates managing of several iPods at once and completes the transfer process speedily. Moreover, the program is compatible with all versions of iPods and automatically displays all information regarding the iPod versions. Further, tagging of files and playing of music on the built-in player is also easily possible and works faster than any other related device.

To sum up, PodWorks for Mac is an effectual utility useful for iPod users and music enthusiasts who wish to have their favorite music handy at all times and hence gets a rating score of four points for its stellar working.

Publisher's description

PodWorks for Mac is a Mac iPod transfer software tool to transfer iPod files from iPod to Mac, iPod to iTunes, and Mac to iPod easily, and even directly copy DVD movies and incompatible videos/music to iPod. You can also copy files from iPhone to Mac, iPhone to iTunes and Mac to iPhone, and transfer files among multiple iPods and 1 iPhone.
New features:
1.Supports Apple iOS4.0.1
2.Supports iPad OS 3.2.1
3.Better support to add artwork to your music and video
Key features:
1.Transfer iPod/iPhone files from iPod/iPhone to Mac/iTunes and Mac to iPod in a few seconds.
2.Make any DVD movies converted and transferred to iPod or iPhone.
3.Add other video/audio files like AVI, MPEG, WMV, WMA, etc. to iPod/iPhone directly.
4.Simultaneously manage up to 26 iPods and 1 iPhone simply by drag-and-drop.
5.Import files to multiple iPods and 1 iPhone at the same time.
6.Provide optimized iPod video/music profiles for converting, and allow you to customize your own ones.
7.Compatible with all iPod/iPhone models: iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod 4G, iPod nano 3, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod shuffle 2, iPhone, and even 3G iPhone, iPhone4 and iOS 4.
8.Auto show you iPod/iPhone info like model, capacity, version, format and serial number when connecting iPod/iPhone.
9.Allow you to create a new playlist to add music, videos and photos for quick access.
10.Locate iPod/iPhone files with quick search or filter tool.
11.Two modes to view iPod/iPhone files: list and thumbnails. You can add illustration for music/videos in thumbnails mode.
12.Mark the music, photos and videos you like or dislike with rate stars to group them.
13.Edit all ID3 tags for multiple iPod/iPhone files.
14.Allow you to play iPod music/video and DVD with the built-in player.
15.Quicker and easier than iTunes to transfer file between iPod/iPhone and Mac.
16.Improve the performance of image transmission
17.Improved the product performance
Version 3.3
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good software to copy ipod contents back to computer.
has the added feature of being able to convert videos and dvds to ipod.
works great as a itunes alternative
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